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Visite of Cognac cellars

Museum in the morning, surfing during the day and relaxing in the evening

All around the Domaine, the Charente Maritime offers many possibilities of leisure, discoveries and sharing. Find the cottage you like and create the holidays that you like to build great moments that you will never forget.

The countryside setting of the Domaine offers all kinds of landscapes: the splendour of the ocean, the charm of the Poitevin landmarch, the ancient castles in the heart of forests, the caves of Cognac, the vines of the Pineau des Charentes, etc. The Domaine is located exactly on the middle of all these points of interest, a starting point for thousands discoveries and leisure activities.

All the colours of Charente Maritime

Land of contrasts between the Atlantic Ocean, the marshlands and the vines, the Charente Maritime offers a wide variety of discoveries and leisure to nature lovers, culture lovers and sportsmen.

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30 km long and 5 km wide, the island owns 10 villages among its territory. Approximately 20.000 inhabitants live on the island, 10 times more during summer. Close to La Rochelle, the legendary mildness of its climate and its more than 100 kms of bicycle paths make the Ile de Ré a unique place. During your walks you will cross many protected natural spaces where you will be able to admire many rare vegetal and animal species.

Visits on l'île de Ré Port of l'île de Ré Salt marshes of l'île de Ré


Oléron is the second biggest French metropolitan island, after Corsica. It has 90 km of coast for a surface of 175 km2, and 19.000 persons live there permanently. Its sweet climate and the beauty of its beaches attract many tourists since the end of the XIXth Century. You will be conquered by the charm of its small villages and their low houses, of its vast forests, of its fine sand beaches, of its small havens, of its swamps, and of its oyster parks.

Oléron's beaches Landscapes of Oléron Castle of Oléron


Situated close to the Ré, Oléron, Aix and Madame Islands, La Rochelle is one of the favourite destinations for tourists in France. Nature, beaches, fortifications, street artists and, of course, the Océan, are some components of La Rochelle's relaxed rythm of life. With more than three million guests a year, La Rochelle is the third most visited city in France. Besides the beauty of her historical center, La Rochelle offers numerous cultural activities : movies, theatres, a great Aquarium, and many museums, including the famous "Musée de L'Automate".

The Fort Boyard La Rochelle, marina Marina bay of la Rochelle


Arsenal town , Rochefort was built in a few years by the King Louis XIV to increase the power of France on the seas. Its history is tightly linked to the history of the sailing navy. Frigates and vessels of high row of the "Royale" were constructed, armed and maintained in the maritime arsenal of Colbert. Many technical innovations around naval industry came from Rochefort. The submarine, for instance, has been invented there. Rochefort obtained the Grand Prix National du Patrimoine in 1993.

Rochefort and its boats Rochefort's commandery Old vessels of Rochefort


A seaside station with everything to please! An immense beach, two casinos, many restaurants, several movies theatres and a 18 holes golf ground. 45 mn away from the Domaine.

Paragliding to Royan Marina of Royan Ferries wheel


20 km away from the Domaine, this superb town owns a lot of gallo-roman et roman vestiges: Germanicus Arch, amphitheatre, abbaye aux Dames, Cathedral... With its monthly fair, a pedestrian zone downtown, the green banks of the Charente and a golf ground (18 holes), Saintes is a pleasant town to live.

Saintes, city with great history Roman ruins Saintes and its river


POn the banks of the Boutonne, Saint-Jean d'Angély is a small town (8000 inhabitants) with many vestiges of the past : the Royal Abbey, many Half-timbering houses, the place du Pilori… 5 mn away from the Domaine, it offers you many activities, as well around sports (aquatic complex , canoe, tennis, bicross, motocross, karting....) as around culture (Theatre festival , Salon du Livre, "Déamfabulations Nocturnes" -A nightly guided theatral visit with many actors- aso…). If you like fishing, the Boutonne is a first category river, many trouts are waiting for you ! Market every wednesday and saturday morning

Saint Jean d'Angely, city at the center of Charente Maritime Saint Jean d'Angely, at 5 minutes of the Domaine Saint Jean d'Angely and its cultural history


In the heart of Saintonge, in Charente's vineyard, Cognac owes its worldwide fame to the quality of its alcohols. The town gave birth to François 1er, the first King of the French Renaissance as many monuments witness. Today, Cognac is a very dynamic cultural town : Crime Movie Festival, Crime Novel Festival, European Littérature Congress, Blues Festival...

Cognac and its famous cellars Creating Cognac Cognac cellars


Close to the Marais Poitevin, Niort is a medieval town with an outstanding double dungeon. Enjoy wandering besides the river Sèvre, in the narrow streets surrounded by half-timbered houses, or rowing in the nearby Marais Poitevin… 2 movie theatres and many cultural events - A town worth discovering! 45 mn from the Domaine.

Niort Dungeon Walk in Niort Museum of Niort

Points of interest

Tourism map of Charente-maritime

You can enjoy a wide variety of activities during your stay to the Domaine de la Laigne. Here is a list of some of the local points of interest you can visit and activities you can try.

Le Parc Aventure de Fontdouce

Le Parc Aventure de Fontdouce est situé à 20 minutes de Saintes et Cognac au cœur d’une paisible vallée s'étendant sur plusieurs hectares d'espaces verts.

Sur place 12 parcours accrobranche dont trois destinés aux enfants de 3 à 8 ans, 2 tyroliennes géantes et un laser game extérieur (à partir de 9 ans) vous attendent ! Le Parc Aventure de Fontdouce vous propose aussi d’autres activités : Laser Game Outdoor, Rallyes Numériques, Archery Game, Bubble Foot, Water Fight…

À quelques pas de là, l’Abbaye de Fontdouce, classée Monument Historique vous proposera plusieurs jeux de pistes à faire en famille !

Réservations fortement conseillées au 06 20 40 02 88.

Notre établissement étant partenaire de Fontdouce, vous pourrez bénéficier de tarifs réduits sur l’activité Accrobranche, pensez-y !